Animated Font Awesom icons question


I was wondering how I could get an icon for a "fan blade" (propeller?) working.

I don't mind putting in the work, but at this stage I don't know how to make them.

Yeah: search.

But if someone has already got one, I thought it would be easier.

Anyway, just asking/wondering.

If you're looking purely at the Font Awesome icon set, then there are examples here:

In summary, pick the FA icon you want to use ( then add fa-spin to class to make it rotate. For example: fa fa-star fa-spin

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I missed that part that you could spin ANY icon.

I (mistakenly) thought that you had to use the Spinner Icons to spin....

But I am wanting (hoping?) to find/get/use one that is a fan/propeller and it spins.

Searching the list, I can't find any fan or propeller.

Spinner is not really cutting it and cog/gear NEARLY gets it, but that one is a COG rather than a fan.

It may work as it isn't "mission critical" that the icon is perfect. More for information/visual queuing.

Request for fan icon is in open state. Maybe some day...

I can't believe that two years later, there still isn't a fan icon. I wound up using arrows-alt:
fa-arrows-alt fa-spin fa-2x

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If it is any conciliation: I use the COG icon. It looks enough like a fan to suffice my needs.