[Announce] Dashboard version 2.13.2

Some small rollup patches for the node-red-dashboard.

Fixes - 2.13.1

  • Fix ui_template to return correct sessionid to each browser.
  • Fix line chart xAxis hover to use same time format as main axis
  • Fix chart colours to have more than 9 colours just in case, the extra colours are fixed. - Issue #465
  • Remove circular ref in menu that caused problems with core project 0.20 beta
  • Let ui_text node send data onBlur when in wait for key mode
  • Update Angular dependency to 1.7.6 - Issue #462
  • Add X-UA-Compatible tag to help to get IE-11 to behave
  • Fix css to use numerics not incorrect name - Issue #469

Fixes - 2.13.2
A quick fix to revert a change that broker some svg pointer colours - my apologies !

As usual - don't forget to flush your browser cache to make sure the latest code gets loaded into your browser

feedback always appreciated.