[Announce]: Google Cloud Platform nodes

A new collection of nodes supporting Google Cloud Platform has been made available:

The intent behind this package is to provide a repository for interactions between Node-RED and the Google Cloud Platform. The set of functions currently supported include:

  • Pub/Sub
  • GCS
  • Sentiment
  • Vision
  • Compute Engine metadata
  • Stackdriver logging

Over time, the desire is to continue to add capability and enhancements.

The back-story on this node set is that, historically (3+ years ago), the repository was created by a Google employee to make progress on Node-RED integrations. Sadly, it seemed to fizzle and the only nodes produced dealt with Pub/Sub. In the intervening years, there was so much drift that the repository simply no longer worked (GCP functional changes as Pub/Sub went from alpha, to beta and then to GA). The desire now is to re-energize this synergy.

I myself have been a long term fan of Node-RED and am now a Google employee and wish to smooth the path between integrations of these two areas (Node-RED and GCP).

This project is an Open Source submission and in no-way should be construed as a product offering nor should it be considered as having any form of support. It is 100% "as-is".


I will watch this with great enthusiasm. It could have major implications for emergency event notifications at my hospital (we recently went all-in on gsuite and it has been a definite learning experience.)

A new article has been created showing the new Document AI node having been added to the contribution.


Nice one Neil - that looks really interesting.

Interest on Node-RED on GCP is growing and new features being added on request. The latest version now adds Node support for Google's Spanner RDBMS.