[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-button-events version 2.0.0 beta

Did you look at this template info?

It is a shelly 2.5

Flashed to Tasmota 13

We have SW1 as the input from a momentary push button at the front door - i want to use this to set its operating mode such as 1 press = auto (default) - come on based on sunset and turn off at 10PM 2 press = manual - i am going to be out until late so stay on until sunrise then reset to auto
3 press = totally off

SW2 is the input from a motion sensor that will turn the light on after 10PM for 5 minutes if motion is detected

All the auto functions are working - just to get the button to work now


Will do - i made the mistake of doing this on the live unit (in the roof) and have somehow locked it up - will not play on one that is not so hard to get at !

Just need to get a momentary switch


That is a different template to the one i am using which came from the Blackadder site.

This looks interesting - i do not have a spare momentary switch so will have to wait until Monday to source one and do some testing


Just an update on this - flashed the spare unit with Tasmota and the template as listed above - could not get sensible single/double/triple press responses out of it - no matter the combination of SetOptions and defining them as buttons.

So i went back to the original template and treat the mains switch as a disconnected switch - i then feed the output from this into the count node - so basically a single press sets the unit into auto mode - the usual nightime automations kick in with the lights staying on until 10PM

If we click the button twice it puts the unit into manual mode and the lights will flash twice to signify that and then they stay on until the next morning at sunrise - this allows us (or the kids) to be out for the evening and return home at any time and then lastly 3 clicks turns them off and removes all the automations until the next morning (not sure what i would use this mode for - but seemed like a good idea at the time !)