[Announce] node-red-contrib-ezo 1.02 node released

I want to recognize MaddyP for releasing his initial version of the node-red-contrib-ezo node for comminicating with Atlas-Scientific EZO Sensors, Devices and Circuits. I've tested it on Temp, pH and EC and it works as intended. I'll continue my testing on some of the more difficult devices (EZO-FLO, EZO-PMP, EZO-HUM).

His node is slick and has some time saving features included (automatic default i2c address assignment and delay based on EZO device type). If you've followed his projects at other places, then you'll appreciate his high standard of quality. I intend to modify my projects and sample flows to use this new node.

Here's the link: node-red-contrib-ezo

It's available in the Palette Manager as well.


New version available!

v1.1.0 (May 26 2021)

  • Support for separate command/payload input properties.
  • Support for topic passthrough.
  • Supports error catching with catch node.
  • Removed msg.status property in exchange for better error handling.
  • Improved README.md

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