[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler

Works like a charm. Thanks a bunch! :white_check_mark:

Yes confirmed fixed now! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for writing this. RIght away I have two use cases for it in one of my projects! Awesome. I'll add feedback as I use it.

This is a useful addition to the palette, I like it but just a couple of small feedback points, on the dark theme, black writing on dark background isn't great, also the plus button appears to be a cutoff 2x1 button see attached,


the ui module exports a function isDark() that the module can use to decide how to set colours. though if the existing classes are used they are set automatically to match the theme.

Works for me even with pretty hard CSS override for dashboard defaults. (Nothing modified from this widget perspective)


@Dave I just noticed this yesterday as well :sweat_smile:.. I am going to address this today after work.

@hotNipi I noticed that the button is cutoff if "Angular Theme in ui_template" is enabled. That is probably also what Dave is using. Anyway I am going to take a look at different themes later today.

Thanks everybody for the great feedback and help (@dceejay :wink: )

Another day, another update - v0.4.4 is now available :tada:
It should fix CSS problems and also improve readability for dark theme users.

@Dave Is it better now?
@hotNipi Could you check if its still good for you as well?

No hard problems found by quick look.
There may be some better choices of cursor for those elements in this view.
The hovering over text elements makes a bit misleading result.

Sorry for late reply, YES v0.4.4 fixes my CSS problems, thanks.

This looks like something I've been looking at for some time for my irrigation system - many thanks for your efforts!
Will give it a go - any chance of multiple on/off times during the day?

@Spinky Sure, you can create as many as you need. Here is an example:


Both, the default mode (left-hand side) and the event mode (right-hand side), support multiple entries.

Good job, I will check it out.

Have you thought about including a geo location based astro function that allows you to set time triggers relative to sunrise and sunset times?

Thanks @sonntam

I thought about it today, I am not sure if it's something that should go into this UI node. I think if someone wants to put a device on/off at sunrise/sunset then this person would define that once and leave it like this - and that's already possible with many nodes (that do not have a dashboard UI).

But I am open to discussions. Maybe you, or someone else has a good reason why it's a good idea to add this function to this particular node as well.

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You may have answered this question yourself:

I think this feature would be particularly useful for users on mobile devices. Obviously, it would call for some effort to implement. The existing nodes that are most widely used for lighting control in home automation also provide for random offsets to sunrise/sunset times and the ability to temporarily suspend an event. If your node has many happy users, you will be kept busy :slightly_smiling_face:

I see what you mean @drmibell... My initial thought was that the person who would set things up for you, can activate the sunset/sunrise timer for you in the flow-editor, and then it's very unlikely that you would ever want to change that again...but sure there is a possibility and it makes even more sense now with the offset.

I've raised an issue at the dashboards GitHub site, it seems to me that this doesn't work with Angular Theme enabled.

Ok will look at the issue. But when you select angular theme then we try to get out of the way so it should be whatever they provide.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to mention what has happened in the past weeks.

  1. v0.4.5
    fixed a minor migration bug
  2. v0.4.6
    added the possibility to change the first day of the week
  3. v0.4.7
    added a overview site that is shown if multiple devices are configured so that you can see all the timers for all devices at a glance (I am open to styling suggestions :sweat_smile:)
    adjusted the pointer like @hotNipi suggested.

The latest update to the node-red-dashboard (v2.25.0 #646) also improves the nodes styling for everyone who uses the Angular Theme (like @Dave).