[Announce] node-red-contrib-uibuilder v5.0.2 - bug fix and documentation updates

A small release but with a couple of fixes along with the start of improved configuration documentation.


  • Loading pages from sub-folders without adjusting the uibuilder.start() parameters was failing. Now fixed. See also FAQ: uibuilder - multiple pages from 1 node.
  • Accidentally made use of a node.js v14 feature (Optional Chaining) but base version is specified as v12. Changed code to v12 compatible until v14 becomes the base.


  • Tech Docs sidebar menu:

    • Link to beginners walkthrough document added to Tech Docs sidebar.
    • Add link icons to external pages.
    • Remove redundant link to GitHub project page.
  • uibindex page:

    • Changed to use new CSS (light/dark enabled).
    • Configuration Files section needs updating.
    • Further improvements and tweaks.
  • Tech Docs updates

    • NEW PAGE: Configuring uibuilder nodes [incomplete]
    • NEW PAGE: Creating Templates [incomplete]
    • Updates for Configuring uibuilder page