[Announce] Node-RED Node TypeScript Starter

Announcing Node-RED Node TypeScript Starter, a quick-start template repository for creating new Node-RED node sets in TypeScript.


Thanks alex, one clarification from my side based on this post (https://nodered.org/blog/2019/09/20/node-done)

in your code you register new-style call back (msg, _send, _done), if my understanding correct, you need to call _done() after send()

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Ahmad, thanks for the heads up! You're right. Somehow I didn't include an example code for the new input callback and used the one for NR <1.0 instead.

Pushed an update:

  • Example node and blank template: changed to Node-RED >=1.0 input callback
  • Added blank-0 template for nodes that should be compatible with Node-RED <1.0
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