[ANNOUNCE] node-red-semaphore-plus V3 (already)


V3 Already
This node was started by me some time last week - and it's been given some great new flexibility.
In v3, messages can dynamically avoid the queue by using a msg path or JSONata queries, as well as other avoidance modes.


Does that have breaking changes over v2? Normally a change of major version would indicate breaking changes, whereas new features would increment the second part of the version.

Hi @Colin

It does, the nodes now read the new properties, in order to set behaviour, and they will have not been set in v2 - I could have used a default, but this node is new (like just over a week) - so can probably get away with quick breaking changes at the moment :grin:

And yup, I often have to remind a few in work about semantic versioning :smiling_imp:

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