[ANNOUNCE] Shuttle-RED: Multitenancy Node-RED

Hi folks,

I just released the very first version of Shuttle-RED: Nodes to start and control Node-RED instances from within Node-RED itself.

Please be aware that this is the very first version of Shuttle-RED and that breaking changes might happen without announcement. Anyway, this might be an interesting project for some of you. So feel free to play with it.

BTW: The project is Gitpod-ready - so it's really easy to start an environment and play with the nodes.

Unfortunately no documentation exists at the moment. But the editor should be kind of self explenatory.

Here are some of the most important features:

  • New Node-RED instances run in their own subprocess
  • Start, stop or restart instances either using defined runtime and project names or dynamically by reading the properties from the msg-object
  • Run several projects in parallel (each will have its own editor so you can work on projects in parallel)
  • Each instance can run on a defined Node-RED version (these get automatically downloaded and installed)
  • Communicate between the parent instance and its child-instances using the message-in and -out nodes (the parent might function as a gateway to allow communication between sub-instances)
  • Define custom environment variables for each runtime and / or instance

Unfortunately time is a very rare ressource at the moment. So please understand that you might not get a timely answer to your question. We'll do our best though.

Anyway, if you find something that is not working as expected, feel free to open a bug report on Gitlab. You might be lucky. :slight_smile:

That said: Feedback is important for us to improve our work. So any comment that helps is very welcome (please don't mention the naming - that has been discussed at large before :wink:).

Have fun playing with Shuttle-RED!


Forgot to post the link - here we go: