[ANNOUNCEMENT] node-red-autolayout-sidebar: experimental version(s)

Hi folks,

Version 0.0.1 of a new sidebar plugin for auto-layout flows (@bartbutenaers/node-red-autolayout-sidebar) is now available in the palette.

This plugin is based on the node-red-contrib-auto-alignment node of @gregorius. Because I have copied the core code from his node, I have to be honest that most credits for this plugin go to gregorius :pray:

Short demo how this plugin can be used:


As described in the readme page, this node is experimental. There is still a lot to learn about those algorithms. So hopefully we get some constructive feedback, that allows us to find a good algorithm and good settings.

Have fun with it!


Thank you @BartButenaers for the great work :+1:

As an added bonus, I can now simulate Conways' Game of Life:


The joys of it all :slight_smile:


@gregorius has been so kind to continue sharing his knowledge, by supporting now this sidebar plugin :+1:

He implemented version 0.0.2, which is now available in the palette. This version contains some minor fixes, but also auto layouting for flows containing junctions: