Any way to add a keyboard entry to ACE/Monaco editor?

Hi all,

I keep triggering my muscle memory for save when I'm using the file editor in uibuilder :older_adult: I doubt I'm the only person.

So I'd like to add an override for ctrl-s when focused on that element. Is there a way of doing this? I've been rather going round in circles looking for an answer.

Thanks. J.

With Monaco ...

Paste this...

var jsCode = '"use strict";'
var editor = monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById('container'), {
	value: jsCode,
	language: 'javascript'

editor.addCommand(monaco.KeyMod.CtrlCmd | monaco.KeyCode.KeyS, function() {
    alert('SAVE pressed!');

... into the playground : Monaco Editor Playground

So yes, monaco can bind CTRL+S

However, node-red API does not export this right now. Something to perhaps consider for V3?

Thanks Steve. Definitely would be nice to see custom save handling in v3 - I realise that it isn't really needed for things like the function node, only for nodes that need some kind of external save - uibuilder mostly I suspect but maybe the blockly node?

I was actually hoping that there would be something I could do at the jQuery level. Maybe attaching a keycode event to the parent element? As that would possibly work for both ACE and Monaco.

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