Any way to check for the absence of an expected email?

Every X days I receive a task result from a system by email. If a system is not working properly, for example if email stops working, if it has network issues, whatever reason, then I won't receive the email. The absence of the email itself is an indicator of an issue, and I'd like it to be a trigger to send me a notification.

node-red-node-email triggers messages when it finds an unseen email, so doesn't work here.

I looked at the other packages with "email" in the title and none seem to act in a way that lets you download the last X days from an inbox.

Would this require writing my own node using nodemailer?

Every time you receive the email store a timestamp, then using a timer node check daily hourly or what ever, that the timestamp is less than X days ago.


That's a great idea, thanks. I need to change my way of thinking and adapt to NodeRed. I was considering the inbox to be the source of truth, and not thinking of NodeRed tracking things.