Aqara Zigbee Button Button Press


I have a Aqara Zigbee Button setup in home assistant. I would like to use it to turn off a lamp that is connected to a Zigbee plug. The only problem i am running into is when I press the button the lamp will quickly turn off then back on again. This happens like with in a second. Is there away to solve this.


Don't you need two ouputs from your switch node, one for Lamp On and one for Lamp Off?

If the lamp is on then turn it off
If the lamp is off then turn it on
... Think about it

You appear to be sending the same message to both the Lamp on and Lamp off nodes, at the same time. What to you expect to happen when you do that?

Hi ceysa75

I have been thinking about it and I am not sure how to go about the flow. That is what I took the time to post on this forum kindly asking for help.

Can you show us the way your switch node is set up?
Also the data which comes from your ZHA Events node.

Since it's a single button with the only action "button pressed" you cannot inject on or off commands. So what you basically need ist the actual light state (which is on or off). Since you are on home assistant I can't help you here.
However, once the light state is known you can work using a switch node which depending on the state sends the command on or off.


Thanks for the info.. I managed to get it figured out.

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