Arduino and PCF8575 input monitoring



this is a project for monitoring input states of various device.
Devices on input are anything with open/close state indication.

• up to 64 inputs (status 1 or 0) over one serial port(USB)
• surveillance of the status of the interface
• display configuration (ui_template) via database:
- the name of the each input,
- each input status text,
- each input status text color,
- each background status text color

• NO/NC input configuration via database
• log file in database (SQLite)
• search database depended of timestamp via dashboard

Interface between auxiliary device and hardware on which is Node-RED(Raspberry/Windows) is Arduino.

Arduino is connected with port expander (PCF8575;16xinput) via I2C bus.

4 port expander are connected to one Arduino.
Each port expander have unique I2C address.

link to google disk (flows also;dowload flows and open with notepad,Don’t copy/paste from google preview)
link to google disk