[Article] Fourteen for, Fourteen against, why I love, hate and connect with Node-RED

Has the text been written with ChatGPT? That I think BTW will be the problem with all this AI generated text. It will become even harder to discern if something you have in front of you is written to inform to the best of knowledge or if it was generated to simply be there.
In the "old days" (I know well that this term is very subjective and means something different for everybody) you had a chance to determine if a text was rubbish by the way it was written, the use of technical terms only a subject matter expert would use correctly, general reputation of the author, the media, or the sum of all that. But today, when even my kids can generate a fresh piece about astigmatism in outer space that sounds correct, has a sound amount of buzzwords, and even presents enough correct facts that it becomes hard to spot the few false points; how will we ever be able to believe anything that will be written or said in the future? I guess it will not be that bad, but I think that will be one of the challenges.

Let's have an example... The article... Has the text been written with ChatGPT?

Flows consist of executable nodes (nodes represent algorithmic code blocks) interconnected be data links that model the data flows between nodes. Nodes can have multiple inputs and outputs so that data is cloned and shared amongst many nodes.

The typo (be instead of by) could be a hint that an actual person wrote the text, but then the article states that "nodes can have multiple inputs". Can they really have multiple inputs? Albeit this thread's topic "Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs" sounds like it, but the OP meant multiple consecutive incoming messages or multiple readings of the OPC UA Client node.
So, did Nick's statement become wrong?