Auto import and deploy flow

Dear all,

I have being reading some other post but I cant find something helpfull for me.

I have a PC with ubuntu and node red working on a company and I cant have access by VPN or similar cause they have lot of restrictions on the net.

I would like to send flows updates from my home and that the system be able of import and deploy automaticaly the flow.

I have being thinking in something like send the flow by email, node red donwload that flow and auto import it.

I dont know how can I do this..... :frowning:

Any idea?

Many thanks by advance!

Does it have to be fully automatic at the remote end? If so are you able to pick up emails in node-red?
You could send an email with the complete flow file attached and in node-red save that to the .node-red folder and then make it self-restart to pick up the new flow file.

However there are security implications of this that you need to consider. How do you prevent a malicious person sending an email with a malicious flow attached?

If some manual intervention can be required at the remote end then email the flow to the operator there and tell him to save the file to a pre-defined location, then in node-red watch that folder and when a new file appears automatically copy it to .node-red and self-restart.

I agree. While I can think of several potential ways to do it I would not want to do anything without full (written) permission of your client. Breaking their security has to be a no.

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