Auto-login on local access


Is there a way to make my Pi auto-login to my dashboard? Basically if the dashboard is accessed from my Pi (where node-red is located) it will bypass the authentication.


I think you could probably do that with a custom authentication (see the settings.js file for the property that controls that) but no, not natively.


We do not support custom authentication for the Dashboard - only for the editor.


Badly worded as usual. I meant:

    // The following property can be used to add a custom middleware function
    // in front of all http in nodes. This allows custom authentication to be
    // applied to all http in nodes, or any other sort of common request processing.
    //httpNodeMiddleware: function(req,res,next) {
    //    // Handle/reject the request, or pass it on to the http in node by calling next();
    //    // Optionally skip our rawBodyParser by setting this to true;
    //    //req.skipRawBodyParser = true;
    //    next();

    // The following property can be used to verify websocket connection attempts.
    // This allows, for example, the HTTP request headers to be checked to ensure
    // they include valid authentication information.
    //webSocketNodeVerifyClient: function(info) {
        // 'info' has three properties:
        //   - origin : the value in the Origin header
        //   - req : the HTTP request
        //   - secure : true if req.connection.authorized or req.connection.encrypted is set
        // The function should return true if the connection should be accepted, false otherwise.
        // Alternatively, if this function is defined to accept a second argument, callback,
        // it can be used to verify the client asynchronously.
        // The callback takes three arguments:
        //   - result : boolean, whether to accept the connection or not
        //   - code : if result is false, the HTTP error status to return
        //   - reason: if result is false, the HTTP reason string to return

Don't they work with Dashboard?


No, httpNodeMiddleware only applies to the HTTP In nodes.


And node-red-contrib-uibuilder :smile: