Auto on - time limited switch


not sure i'm in the right forum but ill try

i am trying to automate a ventilation motor on the roof.
i want it to be auto on.
between 06:00 and 22:00
in this period i want to be able to turn it off for X time and then turn on by auto again.
if i turn it off after 22:00 before 06:00 it stays off untill 0600 then it turns on again.

it kind of works. if i just restart Node-Red it dont work but if i activate the switch first it works within the timeframe. if i turn it off outside the time frame it do not start again att 06:00

this is what i made.

flows (2).json (1.7 KB)

am i way off or do i almost have it ?

I imported your flow into my Node-red but since I don't use Home Assistant this is all I got:

Not many people here use HA; you will probably get more help on the HA forum.

However, doing it unencumbered by Home Assistant might look like this

Thank you for the tip
but it was to complicated for me :frowning:

need to read up somewhere

is it possible to write in ladder or boolean in node-red

node-red-contrib-stoptimer2 (node) - Node-RED works pretty well for me, assuming the time X you mentioned is fixed and not variable. There are other nodes that do more with time, but KISS.

yes the time X is a constant

it also works here if i first activate the switch and then turn it off again then it starts after X time BUT
if i restart Node-red / the server it will not work
also if i deploys flow after a reconfigure it will not auto start

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