Automate Hue Lights Whilst On Vacation


I’m running node red in docker along with HA.

What I’m looking to do is turn a kitchen light on and off randomly between a certain time, this so it looks like someone is occasionally using the kitchen.

For example I would want the routine to run between sunset and 23:00 the light then should come on every 30 minutes (but not exactly 30mins) then turn off between 3 and 10 minutes.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Ah nice, thanks @marcus-j-davies I’ll take a look.

Does a great job. I am using this since more than a year. :+1:

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@marcus-j-davies / @juntiedt

I set up presence faker, Let it run for few hours using this config:

And you can see the randomness of the lights coming on and off

I am also using vacation timer to turn on and off at a specific time with a little bit of randomness, for example, My teenage son who is almost in his room 24/7 and goes to bed around 9pm. So set up a routine that the lights will come on at sunset then go off between 9pm and 9:30pm

I have another couple of nodes using vacation timer for other lights to make it look like the rest of the household goes to bed again with a bit of randomness. I probably could of done this with presence faker but vacation timer works for me.


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