Automatically hide flows (e.g show single flow tab only)

As far as I know I can't show a single flow tab of interest without manually hiding the others. I would like to pass on at startup of the NR UI which flow tab should be visible. Can anybody help to get me started (it would be okay for me to customize code)?

As you say, there isn't an easy way to do this, but there are some possible ways forward if you want to add some custom code.

  • Using editorTheme in your settings file, you can provided a custom script that should get loaded into the editor page - that would allow you to inject some custom code.
  • The editor stores an object in the browser's localStorage called hiddenTabs (encoded as a JSON string). This object is a list of the tabs that should be hidden. For example:
    {"e0ff5bf34622f2b3":true, "ac75529fa861d05e":true, "66424986dcb5617a":true}
  • It would be possible to inject some code into the editor that sets hiddenTabs to the desired set of hidden tabs:
    RED.settings.setLocal("hiddenTabs",JSON.stringify({id1: true, id2: true, ...));

This is a bit awkward if what you have is the id of the tab you do want to show - rather than a list of the tab id's you don't want to show.

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