Automatically restart one flow (not all flows)


I managed to restart all the flows automatically from within one workflow. What I really need is to restart only one workflow and keep the others unattached. So I tried to send the restart command to


but this didn't work. Does anyone now if and how this is possible?

When you start NR all flows are active. An indivisual flow on a tab will be triggerd by the input actions you have set. i.e. if you have an mqtt-in node, when a msg arrives, that flow willstart up. If you have an inject node set to run every 20 minutes then it will run every twenty minutes.

What is the flow you want to restart actually doing and what are it's inputs?

To answer your question directly, there is no API for restarting an individual flow.

The whole /flow API is in need of an overhaul. Adding the ability to restart an individual flow was not something on my list to consider for the overhaul - it is now.


Thank you - so I wait for an update and try no longer to find the (non existing) solution.

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