Background does not change in the body tag

Hello. The background does not change in the body tag. The device is old and uses Node-Red v2.2.2. Is this why I can't change it? I can intervene in all other sounds, but the body background does not change.

When I check the body part, something like this appears. I wonder if it is related to the v2.2.2 version.

Does { etc } work?

On my machine (Node-red 3.1) you can set the background in the theme settings:

Also node-red-dashboard 3 introduced much easier CSS styling of the dashboard..

Unfortunately, I have to code with css and I am working with v2.2.2 version.

You didn't answer my question.

I don't know at what point the dashboard theme feature was introduced but I should think the dashboard version is more relevant than the node-red version.

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You can't override the background of the body. But it is not needed also. Body has class defined and you can override that. {
    background: red;
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thank you for your interest. The problem was caused by Angular being selected. resolved

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