Basic Node-RED Dashboard modifications

Hi all,

I am currently working on a basic UI allowing me to remotely operate several functions.
The UI is up and running, but I am searching for guidance on how I can change the layout of the Dashboard. It is currently looking like this:

Can anyone here give me a pointing in the right direction on how I can make the following happen using the node-red-dashboard palette:
1 - Vibration STA 1 and Blowback STA 1 should be on the same line
2 - Vibration STA 2 and Blowback STA 2 should be on the same line
3 - Each of the sets should be connected in the same brackets something like this:

As of now the UI looks dull and I would like to spice it up so that people dont fall asleep while looking at it, any thoughts?

Any feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks alot in advance.

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The current setup looks like this:

Please disregard this thread. I've managed to figure out how to apply all the changes I wanted.

-I'm not able to delete the thread.

It would be nice if you share your solution also. Then others if stuck in similar situation can find your post helpful. Deleting the post does not help anybody.

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This is true.

So basically what I did was to press any of the given nodes, then go to the Dashboard tab located next to info:
From here you change the Style from Light(default) to Custom. Once inside here you can change the coloring of the layout. I ended up with a UI looking like this:

For the re-arranging of the components I changed the order of the nodes. Instead of having Vibration - Vibration and Blowback - Blowback i changed it to Vibration - Blowback (functioning as input 1) and Vibration - Blowback (functioning as input 2).