Bcrypt generate /

I am using bcrypt node to create a encoded password and this is updated in settings.js programatically.

Sometimes the encrypted password have / (slash) and when I write this to file it encode it and
it will result in password mismatch .

Two questions.
1.Is there a way to avoid bcrypt from generating "/" ?
2.Is there a way to avoid "/" getting encoded when we write file?

How are you writing it to a file to cause that?

Hi Nick,

I found out that ,the problem is with sqlite DB ,it returns encoded string as result .
ie slash is changed to utf8 chars ,this create wrong password.When i see this data using
sqlmanager in browser it comes decoded.

password: "$2a$10$Y4rZdSSdrbEXUsMt7uVCiOAsFYYppkb13pyqDQ/4LJj1PW2CfhFN6"

&#x2F is the encoded part.

After posting this i noticed that &#x2F is converted to / ,so you cannot see &#x2F in password I pasted above.

Any solution for this?

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