Beagle Bone Black getting node-red V3

HI all,
have been given a beagle bone black to get some testing done, i want to use node red, but i can only get it to v1.3.5
Ive used the update command , anyway i can get V3 on this thing?
Is it possible with Docker? ( though ive not really used that!)

What command did you use?

What OS does this run? (debian based? other?)

Possibly, but if you are not familiar - its a tough ride!

I think it should run v2 ok. The node-red package uses the built in Debian nodejs which was seriously lagging latest so I think was still 12 last time I looked, but I’ll check tomorrow

sorry schoolboy error there.

debian@beaglebone:/var/lib/cloud9$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Release: 10
Codename: buster

from the beagle bone site

AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT

Nodejs and NPM
v10.24.0 and 5.8.0 respectivly,

i used the Running on BeagleBone Boards : Node-RED Upgrading docs to do the upgrade.

After the Sudo apt full-upgrade i had one item left un upgraded,

The following packages have been kept back:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.

im going to play with the docker version today, see how far i get with that. Used it on a Wago PLC but no on anything else.

Since this is debian based, is there any reason you cannot simply use the official installer?

bash <(curl -sL --node16

HI steve , well it does say not to in the dcoumentation ill give it a go!

Note : Do NOT use the Raspberry Pi / Debian upgrade script (update-nodejs-and-nodered ) as it will re-install both Node.js and Node-RED in different locations and will conflict with and break the existing systemd configuration files.

Hmmm ok, sorry, I am not familiar with that device. Maybe @dceejay can clarify?

to be honest i dont want to use it but, thats what ive got given. :wink:

if you are happy to give it a go - then do so (and let us know how you get on :slight_smile: )

HI sorry for the delay - finally got round to checking.
I am using the Debian 10.3 image from here - Latest Software Images - BeagleBoard - which is the latest version from the Black - but is somewhat out of date. -

Which indeed incudes Node-RED v1.3.5

This page maybe useful for getting you closer... Setting up a Beaglebone Black with Debian Buster for IoT — Selective Intellect and then...

There are some unsupported versions of images for Bullseye around -
eg - Debian 11 (bullseye) Testing Images - General Discussion - BeagleBoard
That should get you a better version of nodejs and also hopefully Node-RED

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sorry for the delay in the reply
@dceejay Thanks for getting back.
Thats the same Image as ive got , for now ill just go with a python script.
Seems a shame, but it is what it is.
Ill stick octpi on the unit and use it as a printer controller
thanks again

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