Best options to autorun a flow on RPi?

is there an efficient method to make a flow run on RPi immediately from bootup ? ideally without needing a full OS installed ?

i was thinking it would be great if there was a utility that could make a RPi boot disk which compiles a users flow along with minimal linux distro and make a really lean boot disk.. so the Pi boots up and does whatever is in the flow, nothing else..

does such a thing exist ? if not, does anyone have suggestion for an efficient and foolproof way of having a flow autorun on the Pi ?

also could it work on a Pico W ? or would you need a Pi Zero at minimum ?

This may interest you Node Red Flows on ESP8266 and ESP32

All you need to do is lookup how to run a script on boot and run node-red that way. Dave's install script pretty much does that anyway by defining a systemd script that starts node-red. Node-RED can autostart a flow using the appropriate flag on the inject node.

Easy enough. You only need a simplified headless server config with node.js and node-red added.

Not used a Pico but it is a microprocessor platform not a general purpose single board computer like the other Pi's. Getting it to run node-red would be a non-trivial task at best maybe not even possible since it doesn't have a general compute OS, only a cut-down realtime os. Like an Arduino just using a different MCU.

The Node-RED docker images are based on alpine Linux which is a fairly small well supported distro, that can be installed as a base OS, so may be a good starting point.

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no worries.. thanks for the ideas.. I'll check out the script and also the docker images..

it would be cool if there was a utility that burnt a Pi OS with NR as dedicated boot up.. similar to how Kodi works on Pi.. with some way for the user to add their flow and associated nodes to autorun... maybe copy to a folder on SD card etc..

Sounds like an interesting project for you :smiley:

Probably not that hard to do and I'm sure that you would get support from people on the forum as you worked through the specifics.

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