Best way to display this table?


More of a HTML question than a Node-Red question..I suppose? :pensive:

I am receiving an object with multiple values from a Sql Server node.
The object is structured as:


I am able to put these values into a table using the ui-template node. I also use some of the values to insert the text into the SKU, UPC, and SKU Desc labels above the table.

With this HTML using two different templates:

<!--skuInfo Template--> 
        <p id="skuNum">SKU#: {{msg.payload[0].SKU}}</p>
        <p id="upcNum">UPC#: {{msg.payload[0].UPC}}</p>
        <p id="skuDesc">SKU Desc: {{msg.payload[0].SKUDesc}}</p>
<!--components Template-->
            <tr ng-repeat="(x,y) in msg.payload[0]">
            <td>{{ x }}</td>
          <td>{{ y }}</td>
        <td><i class="fa fa-times-circle fa-2x" style="color:red;"></i></td>

My issue is that, I need to filter out the SKU, SKUDesc, and UPC from the table, but allow it to be wrote to the labels above the table. I have been researching ng-repeat filters but I do not understand how to filter out my SKU, SKUDesc, and UPC entirely.

How would you suggest? Should this be filtered in the HTML or filtered by a node in between my sql node and the template node? How is that accomplished?



maybe a change node in one of the paths set to delete payload[0].SKU and he other two you don't want.



Thank you dceejay.
Iā€™m sorry, I admit...the obvious sometimes escapes me.