BigExec node input format

HI Team @Colin, @Steve-Mcl,@HaroldPetersInskipp

I am using bigExec node for executing the command.

when I am triggering the arguments (strings) using inject node- the big exec is executing perfectly.
But when I execute through API cal, It throws the below error.
even the return of inject and function node is exactly the same.
In sending the params function I am framing a string using 3 other inputs coming from the API call.
in inject, I am directly giving the combination of string.

PFA for flow file
flows (5).json (12.1 KB)

Which feature of that node do you want to use that the standard node does not?

Which node causes the error (click the node: ecablahblahblah title in the debug sidebar)

If it is the big exec, then you will have to raise an issue with them.

If it is coming from the function, then you are doing something in the function (possibly using JSON.stringify on the msg object).

In simple terms, the msg object (when it comes from the HTTP In node) can NOT be cloned using regular techniques and the original msg that came from the HTTP In node MUST be maintained all the way to the HTTP Response node (which you do not have)

I believe this is documented in the HTTP In or HTTP Response nodes built in help.

I am trying for an alternative for an standard node as it is giving some issue with the initial deployment

Yes, @Steve-Mcl,
it is actually coming from the big exec node.
Regarding HTTP response node. I have actually cutdown the flow to make it simple and clear
we actually have 200 and 500 in the end based on big-exec response
I will try taking the request in the standard way mentioned in the document.

HI @jacques44
Can you please help me here, if i miss something?

There is no user named @jacques44 on the forum.

Help with what? We have already stated use the built in exec node.

I know you said "standard node as it is giving some issue with the initial deployment" but you never provided details.

I have raised this for the same, Please check this

One thing you have yet to do (in this thread or the other one) is provide a sample of what the HTTP statement you are using is. With out that, no one can easily test your flow.

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