Ble Scan using nodered


Please somone help me out to scan the ble using nodered in raspberry pi...I have tired so many nodes but its not installed???

is there any issues with all ble nodes???/

This is not a definite answer for you, but may give you some ideas for further googling.

My impression is that the internal Bluetooth of the raspberry Pi is very often disabled, especially when used in home automation where the resources are needed for other peripherals/USB sticks etc. My understanding is also that the internal bluetooth may be finicky (and on boards previous to RPi4 not compatible with Bluetooth BLE). Bluetooth BLE projects I have seen have used some other popular dongle or board for Bluetooth BLE.

I'm sure there's a way with the RPi4 but its perhaps not that widespread yet.

Maybe you can find some answers here as this topic has come up several times.

Also try searching the forum for "BLE".

Am scanning ble device using rasobeerry pi but that needs to b done using nodered...Any ideas?