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I want to get some node-red (and Google assistant) controlled blinds. Does anyone have any UK recommendations?

I have heard of blinds that last for 6 months on a single charge - that sounds great (but not sure if they have Wifi). I don't want to have to run power to each blind as that is going to make a big mess!


maybe the IKEA blinds could be your choice. The battery should work up to 6 month and those are controlled by zigbee.
If you use zigbee2mqtt running on a raspi then you can use the mqtt nodes.

But i donĀ“t know about the IKEA stuff in UK iĀ“m from Germany...

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The IKEA blinds look like they would be great but every link I find for them seems to have been removed from the IKEA website. I wonder if they are no longer doing them.

In Germany they are still availible ... LINK

In my opinion itĀ“s better to set a power cable to each window itĀ“s much easier than buy expensive blinds and 5 years later the battery is damaged and a new on is not possible to buy ...
in my case i use a Siemens LOGO 8 which is connected to the blinds and the Siemens PLC is controlled buy NodeRed.

the link is now working again on the IKEA UK page.
Not sure that's going to work though as they have pretty limited sizes and I need to fit them within a recess.

Thanks for the replies.

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