By pass login prompt for specific IP or in LAN

I set password for both editor and UI in Nodered mainly because sometimes I remotely control Nodered from internet, the problem is it keeps asking password every time (i heard that issue somewhere), so i think is it possible to bypass login prompt when connect from other IP in LAN or setting trust IP? or how to resolve login prompt once i save password in browser (Chrome on PC and mobile)?

Node info.
[info] Node-RED version: v0.17.5
[info] Node.js version: v6.11.5
[info] Linux 4.9.35-v7+ arm LE
[info] Dashboard version 2.7.0 started at /ui


  1. you are on a very old version of NR. The current version is v0.19.4. follow update instructions at
  2. The current dashboard version is at v2.9.7 - you might want to update that too

Thanks for answer, I keep it's running without touch cause it's very stable for a long time.
As your suggestion, do you have issue with login prompt once all upgraded?

Hi - neither version will do what you suggest - so you can stick with the old if you wish. You would need to add your own security handling in front of Node-RED to do that. Maybe Nginx or similar would help.

(Indeed I still have a box with version 0.9 running just fine)

I tried Nginx and using it now, the issue is persistent but I like to play more with Nginx so thanks for your suggestion.