Bypass/Ignore a node based on certain input?

Depending on the time of day, the light in the loo is turned on at modest or minimal brightness. On a long-press, it'll go to max brightness. In either case, the light turns off after 10 minutes. That's working fine.

I added that long-press/max brightness for when I'm cleaning, but 10 minutes is not enough.
I could just up the trigger time, but the 10 minutes is already a bit too long for most bathroom visits.
Is there some way to disable/ignore the trigger node when the long-press is received?

Almost immediately after posting this, my own light-bulb came on and I came up with a workable solution for the 'long press light needs to stay on indefinitely' by adding a second trigger which retriggers the '10 minute' trigger every 5 minutes, therefore extending the timer.

I am, however, still wondering if there is a way to bypass/ignore a node based on a given input.

Have a look at the help text for the trigger node, note in particular the msg.reset input.

Turns out I already had a value in the msg.reset. I'm assuming it's a remnant of earlier tries, because I can't remember why.
Tested and that's working too.


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