Can HTTP Request nodes send GET requests to their own server?


I have a strange problem: I'm trying to send a GET request from within Node-RED to an HTTP entry point provided by Node-RED itself.

Using Postman, that entry point successfully receives the request, but when triggering the HTTP request node, the entry point does not receive anything.

Is it principally possible to send HTTP requests from Node-RED to itself? Or are there some limitations?

Thanks in advance for any help!

There aren't any specific limitations in this area. The HTTP Request node is able to make requests to any valid url - including localhost.

After digging deeper into the problem I found that my Node-RED server was secured by user name and password - and all the tools I was using sent these credentials by default, but not so the flows on the server itself.

To overcome the problem, I simply had to enter my credentials into the request.

Why I did not find the problem earlier just by looking at the node's output? Well, because I was testing one of my authentication examples and "Unauthorized" was an expected (albeit wrong) output of these tests...


Sorry for bothering you!

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