Can I enable/disable to the Ethernet IP node?

I am aware of the enable/disable button at the bottom of the node. But can I control that automatically? Say if a condition is true, turn on the ethernet IP node?

I'm also using Modbus Flex Getter node. I can somewhat control the node to run or not depending if I send a msg.payload to poll for my tags. Can i do something similar with ethernet IP?

I am not terribly familiar with the EIP nodes so if they haven't provided a means to connect/disconnect on demand, then probably not.

However, you can easily block or interrupt the flow of messages out of the EIP node.

This can be achieved with "gate" type contrib nodes or using built in nodes

Working example : Cancel inputs for a period of time - #6 by Steve-Mcl

Thanks for your help.
In the end we are trying to create a product that is configurable for the customer. So that means the customer needs to be able to enter in their own IP addresses. Modbus has the Flex connectors where you can change it's IP settings. Ethernet IP nodes do not. I fear I might be running into a dead end here.

You could always request the author add the ability to be dynamically set up.

Alternatively, fork the node and add the functionality.

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