Can I generate a custom node using code inside ui_template

I have created a custom UI using ui_template and some graph code .
But I need this as a custom node under dashboard category.

I know that node-red-nodegen needs function code .
Is there a way to generate custom node from code inside ui_template?

Please let me know.

no - that is not currently possible - you have to create a dedicated ui widget - if you search on for -ui- you will find several ui widgets that you could perhaps crib ideas from.

Thank you ,Jose

If you don't need the other capabilities of the Dashboard, perhaps uibuilder would be a better fit for your needs.

You can use that with any framework (it comes with VueJS and bootstra-vue but you can just change it). Or you can get rid of the framework altogether if you don't need it. uibuilder itself provides a front-end library for handling 2-way communications with event triggers and control msgs.

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