Can not send information from S7 to Database(MariaDB) via node-red (FAILED!)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am currently working at node red in a project. I am sending information from S7(TIA portal) to a Database(MariaDB) using node-red. I have succesfully connected S7 with node red, but unfortunately not able to send these S7 information to the database. I am getting an error . ["Error: ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown column 'undefined' in 'field list'"].
Is there anyone who could help? Thank you in advance.

The error means that there is a problem with the database query. Add a debug node showing what you are feeding into the database node, and show us how you have configured the database.

Thank you for your reply Colin.I have found the solution and can succesfully send the information from s7 to maria DB via node-red after i used the CHANGE node into my flow.I was not familliar with CHANGE node thats why the error was showing. Thank you again

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