Can TCP Out nodes be bound to TCP In nodes

After my testing, if the Tcp Out response node is connected to the Tcp In server node, the message will include the session of this link, so the Tcp Out response node can respond correctly.
But if the Tcp Out response node is not linked to the Tcp In node and there is no session information in the message, the Tcp Out node will send the response data to all Tcp In nodes.

But in fact, a tcp out repose Node should always respond to it's correspoing tcp in server node.
So, can we add a configuration in the Tcp Out (response tcp)node to bind the corresponding TCP In node?

As this image shows, I want to send msg to the connected client of server:5555, but the TCP response will not work as I wanted, It's will send to all TCP In, not only the port 5555 that I wanted.