Can we use NR for automation testing?

i saw an old post from PaulKeates1
saying that they use NR for automate testing for web app and api.
Did someone hear about that? or did someone use NR for automation testing?
Thank you

Hi @1984

you don't link to the old post you saw, but without more details about what exactly you want to do, then all we can really say is that yes, Node-RED could be used for automation testing, depending on what it is you want to automate.

Node-RED is a fairly general-purpose programming platform. If it's possible to do it in 'normal' code, it will be possible to do in Node-RED. The only matter is how much is already done through existing nodes, versus custom code needed. But again, that comes back to what exactly it is you want to automate.

You are right.
By automation test i meant, testing web application with selenium and api test with soapui. I was just curious when i heard NR can be used for these tests.
But as you said NR is a general-purpose programming platform.
As i see we can develop test code with any code and then call the test with NR and could nice for example with a dashboard where we can see all tests running and getting results.
It could be interesting.
I will try and will post here.

The old post was:

Once in one of my earlier positions as R&D manager we used a software testing tool targeting testing the ui. This showed to be very valuable since you could record mouse movements/clicks and keyboard inputs. And then you could run/loop it and test all functionality of the ui. The script that was created was editable so it was easy to extend when new functionality was added. Looping it over weekends and hopefully the software being tested was still working fine on Monday. Helped us a lot to find those unexpected things...

Anyway, I do not know if Node-RED yet can be used to drive mouse movements/clicks and keyboard inputs like that and record it. Which would be nice I think...

i don't think NR can be used for driving mouse movements/clicks and keyboard inputs like that and record it. (selenium or katalon can do that)
But i think we can execute NR to execute a test as external process.
So for example you have your test code already developped, you can execute it with jenkins using a command or anything else, in the same way NR should be able to execute any external process. With a well defined dashboard maybe we can have something to see all test result or exporting result into txt files or xml etc...

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