Cancel action if motion detected

I have an LED light which is turned on and off at specific times, using big timer nodes.

I also have a sensor which can detect motion.

If the sensor detects motion, I would like it to extend the time before the big timer will turn off the LED light.

I've tried to set something up using a trigger, but I don't know how to 'cancel' the big timer and 'extend' the original timer before the light is turned off (I'm also not sure how to 'extend' the time of the trigger on subsequent motion events either..).

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


There are built in examples that demonstrate this...


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The author of Bigtimer is Peter Scargill - he is seldom on this forum and whilst still developing Bigtimer does not do so through any of the normal Github channels etc - in its day it was pretty revolutionary for what it did - but i would suggest looking at some of the newer timers that are available now and are actively developed on here.

If you put up a question in relation to what you are using it for i am sure plenty of people will have other sugestions for timing nodes for you.

I personally use the within-time node for a lot of my timing as i find it is very flexible but there are plenty of others.


I'm using the mytimeout node

  • you can set a timeout
  • you can set CANCEL command to stop
  • any other msg will reset the timeout

Works great for me for all my lights

sounds like the triggernode does the same thing ?

maybe yes with the latest improvemens but I'm running MYTIMEOUT for years now.

the good thing is

  • you can change the timrout period while active ( timeout for kitchen fan is 30min .. I can change to 2h anytime)
  • you can cancel the timer with an external timer
  • you can get see the remaining time as status

I just like it :wink:

Other than remaining time, you can do the same with the trigger node.

msg input:

Sets the delay, in milliseconds, to be applied to the message. This option only applies if the node is configured to allow the message to override the configured default delay interval.

If a message is received with this property, any timeout or repeat currently in progress will be cleared and no message triggered.

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yepp .. the latest trigger node can do! but i'm currently too lazy to change all my nodes where I'm using MYTIMEOUT... but good to have an alternative

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