Canceling payload for a period of time after a state change

I am trying to cancel payload for a period of time after a state change. Automation is as follows:

If motion is detected at my front door then send a notification to my phone. if the front door has been opened, cancel all notifications for that period of time, say 10 minutes.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this work. Is there a node or way of doing this?

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Does a Trigger node set to Send original message, Then Wait for 10 minutes, Then Send nothing do what you want?

Could you change the topic on this to General please, the creating node category is about creating new node types.

At my PC now, and read the question again. I think you need more than a trigger node.
You could install node-red-contrib-simple-gate, which can be used to block messages. Set this to default to Open and put it between the the motion sensor and the notification action. Feed the front door opened message into a Trigger node set to send a Close message to the gate then after 10 minutes send an Open message. Set the Trigger to Extend Delay on subsequent messages so that it will not open the gate till ten mins after the last Open message.

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