Cannot able to query data into PostgreSQL from PI

Hi Guys! Needed help...

  • Node-red version [PC]: -- node-red@3.0.2
  • Node.js version: -- v18.17.1

I am trying to query data into PostgreSQL [running on my PC] from node-red [running on PI]. But i received error "Error: Connection terminated due to connection timeout". How to troubleshoot it?

  • Node-red version [PC]: -- node-red@3.1.0
  • Node.js version: -- v18.17.1

However, when I am try to query data into PostgreSQL from node-red [Both are running on same PC], things works flawlessly.

What do you have in your postgres configuration files postgresql.conf for listen_addresses and in pg_hba.conf?

Hi @jbudd, I have assigned:

  • listen_addresses as '*' in postgresql.conf file

  • For pg_hba.conf, please refer below image

What computer is at ?

Does it make any difference if you change that to ? (And restart Postgres)

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