Cannot create mysql tables with respect to date in my time zone

Hi all, I am new to node-red. I am finding it really difficult to obtain date in my time zone format. I will try to give a general idea about what I am trying to achieve.
I have an mqtt node-red client which collects data from my devices and write it to mysql database. I want to create tables as the day changes and write data to it. The tables are named as DD_MM_YYYY format. However, my Cron job runs following UTC timezone and it will not run when it's a new day in my timezone. I searched a lot but it seems like I am really terrible at this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Cron expects the times to be local (ie in the timezone of the machine running cron), so I don't understand what you mean by that.

I was using google cloud server and I completely forgot about that. Thank you so much.
So the Cron job is all fine now. What I have with me is, a cron job that would inject a timestamp to a function node which would extract the date in my required format. However the function now interprets the epoch as UTC itself i.e, the function receives an epoch from cron which when converted by it returns a date, now this date is not necessarily the one in my time zone. Please check the attached screenshots.

this is my epoch, on clicking it iget the utc as below,

clicking again gives me my timezone

the function code is as follows

if ( !msg.timestamp ) msg.timestamp = Math.round(+new Date());

var dt = new Date(msg.timestamp);

var mon=dt.getMonth()+1;
var day=dt.getDate();
var year=dt.getFullYear();

var table=day+"_"+mon+"_"+year;

return msg1;

My current issue is not with cron. It fires properly but the timestamp is not properly interpreted as my timezone. Any helps??