Can't install palette on docker stack

Hi every one,

I try to install palette on my node red (fresh install with portainer) and i can't. Here the log that i have in result

602 verbose stack Error: ENOTSUP: operation not supported on socket, symlink '../multicast-dns/cli.js' -> '/data/node_modules/.bin/multicast-dns'
603 verbose cwd /data
604 verbose Linux 5.13.19-2-pve
605 verbose argv "/usr/local/bin/node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "install" "--no-audit" "--no-update-notifier" "--no-fund" "--save" "--save-prefix=~" "--production" "--engine-strict" "node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket@0.40.0"
606 verbose node v14.18.2
607 verbose npm  v6.14.15
608 error code ENOTSUP
609 error syscall symlink
610 error path ../multicast-dns/cli.js
611 error dest /data/node_modules/.bin/multicast-dns
612 error errno -95
613 error nospc ENOTSUP: operation not supported on socket, symlink '../multicast-dns/cli.js' -> '/data/node_modules/.bin/multicast-dns'
614 error nospc There appears to be insufficient space on your system to finish.
614 error nospc Clear up some disk space and try again.
615 verbose exit [ -95, true ]

I made a persistant volume for my docker stack and got 4To of free space on it.

Here is my stack configuration in portainer

version: "3.7"

    container_name: nodered
    image: nodered/node-red:latest
      - TZ=Europe/Paris
      - "1880:1880"
      - data:/data
    network_mode: bridge
    driver: local
      type: cifs
      device: //path/to/my/cifs/nodered/folder
      o: username=USER,password=PASSWORD,vers=1.0,nobrl,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777

I try lot of thing : change dir_mode and file_mode, change user to be root by default, and i try with non persistant volume it works great.

Does some one have clues to fixe this ?

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