Can't switch instance 2 on a fibaro FGS-223 double switch

Hi all,
I've successfully setup node-red and have been able to create my first flows. I have trouble with my Fibaro FGS-223 double switches though. I can easily operate the first instance by sending a 'switchOn' or 'switchOff' to the nodeid, but if I try to switch the second instance it still only switches the first instance.

I have tried the following:

Kitchen light: nodeid: 11, instance: 1
Dining light: nodeid: 11, instance: 2

Dining light is setup as follows:

When I click the 'switchOn' button for the Dining light it switches on the kitchen light. I have been searching google and forums but so far haven't found any example using a double relay switch, is there anyone here that had more luck with this?

You are injecting a text object, should you be injecting a JSON object?

if it's not what @ghayne suggests it sounds like an issue with the node you are using, rather than a config issue.

What node are you using? You might want to open an issue on the nodes github page to communicate with the author. As it might be an easy addition to make.

@TacoScheltema: You have to use setValue instead of switchOn

msg.topic = "setValue"
msg.payload = {"nodeid":11,"instance":2,"value":true}
  • switchOn only works with instance 1
  • if you send a string, it is converted to an object

Yes, you're right!

This works:


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