Can't write csv file

I'm receiving data from mqtt in the form of a string "Green" i added the nodes csv and write file to log the data into an excel sheet, but nothing is shown in the debug connected to the csv node and the csv file is not created in directory i entered.

the write file node is in the replies

write file node.

First off: name each of your debug node so people can look at your debug and know which debug note they come from .
Second: change the debug node attached to the output of the mqtt-in node to display the complete msg object.
Third: the csv node:

Converts between a CSV formatted string and its JavaScript object representation, in either direction.

Fourth: are you sure the mqtt msg coming in a JavaScript object? Where is the mqtt data coming from. You can install the progran MQTT Explorer and watch what is coming thru on the topic you are subscribed to.
Fifth: do you have access to what ever is sending the mqtt data? Can you check to see what it is actually sending.
Sixth: is 'green' being written over and over to the file? (just want to make sure that part is working.

Also what version of Node-RED and node.js are you running (you can get this from the startup log.)

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