Castv2-sender node

I am using castv2-sender node and it's working well to play a web stream, and controlling the volume.

Unfortunately I can't get the Stop and Pause to work.

After reading the doc I thought the payload would look something like:

    "type": "PAUSE"

But that doesn't work.

What is the exact name of the node? Something like node-red-contrib-???????

Did you check the nodes githubpage to see if it’s an issue?


I actually submitted an issue on the GitHub page. It's been a few days so I was hoping that someone here had already figured it out.
And yes it is a node-red-contrib. I'm new to Node-Red, should I have posted in another category?

@zenofmud was asking which contrib node it is. Often there are several possible nodes that might be the one. Is it node-red-contrib-castv2?

and I'm an idiot.....

It is the node-red-contrib-castv2 one.

Sorry, GitHub hates to actually notify me like its supposed to. Ill take your question there.