Catch msg.payload and transfer it to Data on the next node


How to catch msg.payload and transfer it as parameter to Data on the next node?


What node is this, what does the documentation (info tab) describe for that node ?

This is related to node type?

all nodes include data field and i can set parameters inside,
instead use static param, can i use dynamic param from other node?

Which node is this ? node-red-contrib... ? home assistant ? which node of home assistant ? What does the info panel state when you click that node once. What is or is not dynamic very much depends on the programmer of the node.

Yes this is Home assistant

For example:

Node with light status send msg.payload on / off


i want to catch the state of msg.payload and add it to telegram bot as message:

As requested above.


You are not giving a lot of information.

Which node of home assistant is in your first screenshot of your opening post.

What does the info panel state when you click that node once.

The screenshots you posted belong to telegram.


Can you at least tell us the node-name ?

ie. call service, event, trigger ?

@bakman2 updated.

Call service

Your answer is in the screenshots.

can you please explain or provide example of Data JSON ?

There are examples on the forum.

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