Change a object to a msg for Telegram

i have a output like that

msg.payload : Object
time: "2020-12-18 20:36:21"
brand: "OS"
model: "Oregon-THGR122N"
id: 246
channel: 1
battery_ok: 0
temperature_C: 23.8
humidity: 37

i would like to send this information (time, model, temperature_C, humidity, battery_ok)
and there should be a information too like

the Battery is low, please change it (i will need just 2 new AA Battery)

just the output below connected to telegram give a

msg : string[27]
"msg.payload.chatId is empty"

thanks for feedback to change it to a real message

To send a message to a Telegram bot user, you must specify the Chat ID of this user. There are standard examples, try to repeat them.

basicly it works, and got some Message, i just wish to add this Information, or Part of it to the message to Telegram