Change blank label text color

Hi! I want to change the color of the text of the blank label of a line chart. I try that writing in the blank label space of the chart node: text but it doesn't worked. Is possible to do it?


Can you clarify which text you mean with a small screenshot ?

I want to costume the blank label and make the letter of color black.

Not certain the field supports HTML but if it does, you'll need quotes around the color value eg

<font color="black">text</font>

Hi Steve! Thanks for your answer. This doesn't work. It seems that the field doesn't support HTML. Is it possible to costume that with a msg.ui_control or a ui_template node?

#FFFFFF is white - black is #000000

What do you see?

Ah. Then no, it doesn't appear to support HTML.

Sorry, can't help.

So there isn't any method to change the color?

Maybe possible with CSS. Use a UI template node (set to head mode) with appropriate style setting to target the element.

Can you help me doing that? How can I target can i target the chart node?

Use your browser devtools to inspect the HTML and find something that makes a selector that targets the element then put appropriate styling in the ui-template node


    p.blank-label {
        color: black !important;

Wow that works! Thank you so much Steve, this video was incredibly helpful.

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